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Performance Details

October 2019 got me overwhelmed by the chilly autumn wind of change: a new country, a new city, a new language, a new job, and a brand new product to work on. As I was trying to make my life in this strange environment, my days of sleepwear designer for Swedish/Swiss brand Dagsmejan were in a full swing.

Familiarizing myself with the product, and building the base of an entirely new collection, I was also assigned to capture essential features of the Dagsmejan spirit in a photoshoot. I was curiously peering through my camera lens, amazed by the product as I kept testing the materials, design features and the new LED ceiling lights my boss bought.

Balance collection’s water repellency treatment was astonishing, as we observed in awe the water rolling off the fabric, each drop reflecting the LED light just to find itself on the already wet floor, forming a puddle along with its test buddies.

Other features we managed to capture are the super comfortable thumbholes and pockets, as well as the contrasting bartacks, placed on the technical fabric with surgical accuracy.

So, here is the outcome of a very fun and informative photoshoot, done with minimum equipment and maximum floor wiping.

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