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Dagsmejan: Thermoregulating Sleepwear

During my time as a Textile Product Innovation Trainee at thermoregulating sleepwear brand Dagsmejan, I had the joy of observing how a small embryo of an idea turns into a full-blown project and luckily, I had the chance to be the designer of this project.

The mum and baby collection is thought out to correspond to the brand’s core values as a provider of high-quality goods, which aid prime comfort in the sleep department.

Furthermore, the main concept behind this project is to tackle issues like pressure caused by the mum’s bump growth, inconvenient breastfeeding, and the rapid outgrowth of babywear. Specifically considering the high-quality materials, all certifications, and engineering, it is evident that this is going to be some expensive babywear. The main design area to focus on, therefore, is elongating the lifespan of both mum and baby clothing.

For mums, this has been made possible through applying design features which facilitate the use of a garment pre-, during, and post-pregnancy. On the top, this includes a side gathering which looks like a design feature when the bump is still small but allows immense growth in the area during the late stages of pregnancy, whereas the double chest layering eases discreet breastfeeding. The pants, on the other hand, have been equipped with a stretchy and foldable belly panel for compression control.

When it comes to the babies, extendable cuffs have been added to increase the time frame in which the garments can be used. Additionally, we incorporated a snapping button side opening to simplify the diaper hassle and prevent zipper injuries.

The feedback we gathered from mums in various stages of their pregnancy was useful in many ways in terms of not only design but also colors, certifications, and prints: both corresponding to the brand ethos, and the customer requirements.

So, if you are a mum, keep your eyes open to get your hands on these wardrobe gems, if you are not, chances are, at least you would be interested in Ice Hockey. This is why I have attached a few pages of an SMU for the Swiss National Ice Hockey team with recovery materials to facilitate body recovery for athletes.

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