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Distinctive with its simplicity and consciousness of every detail, our brand, KOMOD, gives you the opportunity to take a closer look into our colourful, crazy and unexpectedly adventurous twin world, where objects are not exactly as you see them. Every feeling is converted into a visual image, every emotion and moment of inspiration is captured and given for you to look at.

Come and join us if you want to explore a world, completely imaginary and therefore much more colourful and enjoyable than everything you have ever seen. So, if you are ready, and if you are curious about how it all happened…


1997. Bulgaria. Plovdiv. 2/2:10 am. This is how the story began. Born and raised in one of the most beautiful ancient cities, we quickly found ourselves surrounded by beauty of all kinds. Since the very beginning of our partnership, also called birth, we have been unconsciously building our world, different from everybody else’s – one that we filled with adventures, constant exploration and a little bit of weirdness.


The opportunity to travel and explore, to talk to people in constant attempts to fulfil our curiosity has provided us with all sorts of inspiration. Nonetheless beauty does not have to be searched for very hard in order to be found. It lies in everything. The harmony between specific shades, all the colours in their brightest, every living creature and its natural habitat. We turn words, emotions, senses into something visual to make the experience complete.


While in higher education, we both had the pleasure to experience the advice of individuals with lifelong commitment to the world of arts and design. A first step in that respect was the decision to take lessons in Design 54 Academy, which has equipped us with knowledge and skills in Illustration, Fashion and Arts History and Materials. Next was one of the biggest moves so far- studying Fashion Design, and then Performance Sportswear Design at Falmouth University. This has not only shaped our style as artists, but also given us the skills to express it and collaborate. A beautiful creation born in one such collaboration is the film ‘When I Leave You’, directed by Sam Spooner and produced by Chanel Roberts, for which our duo got to design and construct the costumes: both a pleasurable and memorable experience.


As Performance Sportswear Design graduates we have had the chance to collaborate with giants like Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger, designing a tennis collection for doubles and a technical running top. Through our internships we have also met the opportunity to work closely with David Koma and customers like Jennifer Lopez, Adriana Lima, Heidi Klum, Mila Kunis and Doutzen Kroes. And, of course, working on our own brand has equipped us with both immense skills and exptreme passion for every so important detail.