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Sense X Portfolio

Sense X is a collection exploring the development of personal style in blind and visually impaired people.

It relies predominantly on the sense of touch and smell, using extremely soft fabrics and tactile textures. In order to enhance ease of dressing, each garment comes with small braille plates,providing dressing instructions and describing the garment. This makes it easy to match into an appropriate outfit with garments from the collection or any other clothes.

Designed in bright and fun colours, each garment in Sense X relies on 3D texture to let the user know about any details included, such as embroideries, patterns, beadings, etc.

Each piece of clothing is non-creasing and stain-resistant to make care for garments easier.

Taylored according to blind and visually impaired customers’ feedback, Sense X is aiming to provide users with the chance to independently choose their garments and encourage them to experiment with coulour and shape in order to develop a taste for fashion.



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