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Dagsmejan: Mum and Baby Collection

With weather getting cold and home office rules kicking back in, sweatpants seem to have become our second skin.

In the life of mommies of newborns the condition of sweatpant fatigue is constant. This is why sleepwear brand Dagsmejan puts them is soft, temperature regulating and, here is the twist, matching to their babies, outfits.

A few months ago, I wrote an article about the process of creating the Mum and Baby collection and it all leads up to this moment when it is finally out and alive, so many of you and your babies can personally experience the difference to other mum and baby brands. Some of the features include a bump growth foldable pant panel for your belly, a top breastfeeding overlay so you can provide to your little one with class and all covered, as well as a side stretch for bump growth.

When it comes to babies, there are foldable cuffs available on both the onesie and short piece, so that the garment could be worn weeks longer than average, as well as a comfy and hassle-free snapping button side opening.

Really, though, I wrote this article to celebrate the release of the first ever mass-sold collection I have designed on the market and invite you to take a look at the imagery. If you are interested in further technical information about the pieces, please find yourself in my previous post: ‘Dagsmejan: Thermoregulating Sleepwear’

I wish you a pleasant visit.

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