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Mammut Washbag Redesign

Alpine use case

Recently, I got the assignment to redesign one of Mammut’s washbags, where the most crucial part of the performance should be defined by its Alpine use case. Having outlined some of the already existing features, which work well with the new use case, I fixated on bringing in what’s missing: light weight, versatility, packability, focus on safety. So through changes of materials and structure I made the pack very slim and, therefore, easily packable. Further, through the finishes I guaranteed leak-safety, which is so essential in the case of washbags. I allowed myself to also move around a few features in order to optimize space inside the pack.

Another focus of mine was on sustainability, as well, as visual appeal. Therefore, I went for undyed paper fabric with sustainable coating. This has enhanced the sleek look, as well as the outcome of our environmental efforts.

As embellishments, recycled ropes and climbing gear (the heritage of the brand) are used throughout the finishing concept. This is also a chance to bring in color to the otherwise fully natural-looking product.

An interesting part of the design is the inclusion of a first aid kit on the other side of the bag. There, one also finds space for medicine and other essential health products.

As prints on both sides of the pack /cosmetic and medicinal/ I have used short lists of the bare essentials when it comes to packing toiletries, medicine and first aid. This way, the print adds visual, as well as functional value to the product.