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Let It Bärn T-Shirt

Peaceful Rebellion

Supporting the liberation of public architectural structures, Let It Bärn was a wildly successful event, leaving its manifesto engraved in the heart of every climber in Switzerland and beyond.

The casual, rambunctious get-together aimed for climbers from across the globe to gather for a fun ascent on the beautiful Bernese buildings, walls and bridges, conquering the city. Simultaneously, this was a stand for the acceptance of city climbing as opposed to just the mountain and gym equivalent. The urbanization of the sport is a much-needed revolution in the outdoor world and, to embody the spirit, we at Mammut have designed this unisex climbing T-Shirt with a really cool graphic provided by Grand Studio. The graphic represents the burning fingers, a sensation oh so familiar in the climbing and bouldering community. Parts of this graphic were also stencil-sprayed onto buildings and structures during the event and, in the spirit of peaceful rebellion, the medium used to paint was climbing chalk, easily removable, so that the only trace left after the session was the message: Let It Bärn.

For more information on the manifesto and a peak inside the event, head to the links below.